Curating & Educational Turn Seminar: Case Studies

Curating & Educational Turn Seminar: Case Studies is the open educational resource of the 2011 June seminar of Free School for Art Theory and Practice. Seminar leaders: Paul O'Neill and Mick Wilson. © and authors. Curating & Educational Turn Seminar: Case Studies a Művészetelméleti és Gyakorlati Szabadiskola 2011 júniusi szemináriumának oktatási melléklete. Szemináriumvezetők: Paul O'Neill és Mick Wilson. © és a szerzők.

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We are not ducks on a pond, but ships at sea - IMPEX Contemporary Art Provider at Trafó Gallery

2011.05.28. 17:03 | Emese Süvecz

exhibition collaboration publication performativity curator discussions

The project ‘We are not ducks on a pond...‘ deals with different aspects of the notions of informality, chaos vs. order, correction and community. A small, grassroots collective will attempt to discuss and summarise these topics from their point of view within the frame of the…

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Fast Culture - Kossuth Club 1984-88 by János Sugár, Ferenc Gerlóczy and Talán Sebeő

2011.05.25. 11:08 | Emese Süvecz

performativity performative lecture

Fast Culture, Kossuth Club Budapest, 1986.  Performative lecture of János Sugár, Ferenc Gerlóczy, Talán Sebeő, at the backgraound is Gábor Litván | © photo László Bókay, Balkon  Csaba Polony, Interview with János Sugár (Budapest, April 21, 1999) /…/ An…

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Sivan vs. Finkielkraut - Cabinet magazin re-enactment of the trial at Documenta 12 "magazine projects"

2011.05.25. 09:56 | Emese Süvecz

exhibition publication panel discussions performativity curator re enactment

Venue: Documenta, Kassel, Germany Date: 8 September 2007 As a participant of Documenta's "magazines project," Cabinet was invited to mount a one-day event at Documenta. Our event, which took place on 8 September 2007, was dedicated to re-examining Israeli filmmaker Eyal Sivan's libel…

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Miklós Erdély - Apocryphal Lecture

2011.05.25. 00:28 | Emese Süvecz

education neo avant garde performativity performative lecture


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Mark Leckey in the Long Tail

2011.05.24. 22:20 | Emese Süvecz

performativity performative lecture

The fifth installment of MoMA’s Performance Exhibition Series is the North American premiere of Mark Leckey’s (British, b. 1964) performance-based work Mark Leckey in the Long Tail (2009). Part lecture, part monologue, and part living sculpture, the work traverses the history of…

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Lecture Performance - Salon MSU, Belgrade

2011.05.24. 21:58 | Emese Süvecz

exhibition performativity curator performative lecture knowledge production in contemporary art

The Lecture Performance exhibition in Belgrade appeared as a result of curatorial exploration, asking the question whether in the framework of rich tradition of performance and body art a specific form could be singled out – the form of lecture performance. Within this relatively young…

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WHW (What, How&forWhom) opening performance at the 11th International Istanbul Biennial

2011.05.24. 14:57 | Emese Süvecz

exhibition performativity curator

Ivet Ćurlin, Ana Dević, Nataša Ilić and Sabina Sabolović , the curatorial group of WHW /(What, How and for Whom) announced the biennial’s conceptual framework during a live performance in November 2009. ©   The 11th Istanbul International Biennial's…

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Andrea Fraser - Museum Highlights: A Gallery Talk

2011.05.24. 13:25 | Emese Süvecz

museum education performativity institutional critique performative lecture

New York artist Andrea Fraser is best known for her series of "gallery talks"—enactments that highlight gender and class relations inherent in the structures and histories of art organizations. In 1989, the Philadelphia Museum of Art invited Fraser to perform Museum Highlights: A…

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Joseph Beuys - Organization for Direct Democracy by Referendum

2011.05.24. 12:40 | Emese Süvecz

politics education actions ecology activism neo avant garde green movement performativity performative lecture

Joseph Beuys  - “Organization for Direct Democracy by Referendum” to initiate conversations on a range of topics including politics and art.   Joseph Beuys, Bureau for the Organisation of Direct Democracy, Documenta 5, 1972 ©     ©…

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