Curating & Educational Turn Seminar: Case Studies

Curating & Educational Turn Seminar: Case Studies is the open educational resource of the 2011 June seminar of Free School for Art Theory and Practice. Seminar leaders: Paul O'Neill and Mick Wilson. © and authors. Curating & Educational Turn Seminar: Case Studies a Művészetelméleti és Gyakorlati Szabadiskola 2011 júniusi szemináriumának oktatási melléklete. Szemináriumvezetők: Paul O'Neill és Mick Wilson. © és a szerzők.

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Unitednationsplaza & Unitednationsplaza archive

2011.05.28. 17:18 | Emese Süvecz

exhibition education publication curator art academy discussions

Unitednationsplaza was a temporary, experimental school in Berlin, initiated by Anton Vidokle following the cancellation of Manifesta 6 on Cyprus, in 2006. Developed in collaboration with Boris Groys, Liam Gillick, Hatasha Sadr Haghighian, Nikolaus Hirsch, Martha Rosler, Walid Raad, Jalal Toufic and…

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We are not ducks on a pond, but ships at sea - IMPEX Contemporary Art Provider at Trafó Gallery

2011.05.28. 17:03 | Emese Süvecz

exhibition collaboration publication performativity curator discussions

The project ‘We are not ducks on a pond...‘ deals with different aspects of the notions of informality, chaos vs. order, correction and community. A small, grassroots collective will attempt to discuss and summarise these topics from their point of view within the frame of the…

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Bánki-tó Fesztivál Marom Klub Egyesület / Lake Bánk Festival Marom Club Associaton

2011.05.28. 16:28 | Emese Süvecz

exhibition gig ecology collaboration panel discussions


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Irány a piac! - Védegylet / Let's go to the market - Protect the Future

2011.05.28. 13:17 | Emese Süvecz

politics exhibition education ecology activism collaboration panel discussions biodiversity

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Ökofeszt - Védegylet, Zöld Fiatalok / Ecofest - Protect the Future, Young Greens

2011.05.28. 11:51 | Emese Süvecz

politics exhibition education gig ecology activism collaboration panel discussions guerrilla propaganda action

Ecofest 2005, Budapest, Gödör Klub    

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Sivan vs. Finkielkraut - Cabinet magazin re-enactment of the trial at Documenta 12 "magazine projects"

2011.05.25. 09:56 | Emese Süvecz

exhibition publication panel discussions performativity curator re enactment

Venue: Documenta, Kassel, Germany Date: 8 September 2007 As a participant of Documenta's "magazines project," Cabinet was invited to mount a one-day event at Documenta. Our event, which took place on 8 September 2007, was dedicated to re-examining Israeli filmmaker Eyal Sivan's libel…

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The Travelling Drawing School - project of Péter Szabó

2011.05.25. 02:25 | Emese Süvecz

exhibition education collaboration curator

The Travelling Drawing School by Péter Szabó The Travelling Drawing School is series of events, based on education and community-building. Its’ first stage and debut will be on the Gallery Night 2010. In the mornings called upon artists and experts will hold „drawing lessons” on…

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Archiephoenix - Faculties for Architecture

2011.05.25. 01:48 | Emese Süvecz

exhibition architecture panel discussions curator

ARCHIPHOENIX - Faculties for Architecture has turned the Dutch Pavilion, at this year’s Architecture Biennale in Venice, into a weeklong stage for research and exploration and a debate platform focussing on the capacities and capabilities of architecture - beyond building. ARCHIPHOENIX takes…

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Table Society

2011.05.25. 01:01 | Emese Süvecz

exhibition architecture collaboration curator urbanism discussions

Table Society is an experiment. It gathers a heterogeneous company of thirteen, tightly or loosely co-operating members of various creative and brainstorming groups. The Society’s main aim is to discuss particular topics from multiple aspects. In a wider context, their table stands for a forum…

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Community as a Doctor - the project of Erika Baglyas, Zsuzsanna Tóth and Zsolt Zalka

2011.05.25. 00:43 | Emese Süvecz

exhibition collaboration curator discussions

What are we talking about, and what are we pass over in silence in a gallery where there is no exhibition? There are only chairs to sit down – and speak or not to speak. Our project aims to get a sight of what happens nowadays when several dozen hungarian people sits down and begins to talk…

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Lecture Performance - Salon MSU, Belgrade

2011.05.24. 21:58 | Emese Süvecz

exhibition performativity curator performative lecture knowledge production in contemporary art

The Lecture Performance exhibition in Belgrade appeared as a result of curatorial exploration, asking the question whether in the framework of rich tradition of performance and body art a specific form could be singled out – the form of lecture performance. Within this relatively young…

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Homework - Everybody is Friends with Paulo Freire

2011.05.24. 16:38 | Emese Süvecz

video exhibition education collaboration curator text work re enactment performative lecture

HOMEWORK is a collaboration between artists Ditte Lyngkaer Pedersen, Carlos Motta, Lize Mogel, and Jeuno J.E Kim. Conceived as a study group, an editorial team and a curatorial collaborative, HOMEWORK investigates relationships between art and “the political”, education and politics,…

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coalesce: a project by Paul O'Neill

2011.05.24. 15:45 | Emese Süvecz

video painting exhibition education curator exhibition design text work

coalesce is an on-going exhibitionary project, a mutating environment of overlapping painting, video, and text work in migration, and held at key locations. Works 'coalesce' and co-habit with one other, overlapping and interweaving in the gallery space to create one coalescent whole, yet always…

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WHW (What, How&forWhom) opening performance at the 11th International Istanbul Biennial

2011.05.24. 14:57 | Emese Süvecz

exhibition performativity curator

Ivet Ćurlin, Ana Dević, Nataša Ilić and Sabina Sabolović , the curatorial group of WHW /(What, How and for Whom) announced the biennial’s conceptual framework during a live performance in November 2009. ©   The 11th Istanbul International Biennial's…

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DOCUMENTA XI - platforms

2011.05.24. 13:50 | Emese Süvecz

exhibition panel discussions post colonialism curator

DOCUMENTA XI 8 June - 15 September 2002 Kassel With his team of six co-curators from six different countries, artistic director Okwui Enwezor, the first not to have come from Europe, demonstrated an open-minded and truly international approach to the world for Documenta11. As envisaged in the…

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"100 days – 100 guests" at Documenta X

2011.05.23. 15:39 | Emese Süvecz

exhibition panel discussions

The discussion forum "100 days – 100 guests" at Documenta X (1997, curated by Catherine David), which hosted 100 talks during the exhibition, and to the four Documenta discussion platforms across the globe prior to the opening of Documenta XI (2002, curated by Okwui Enwezor et al.).…

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A.C.A.D.E.M.Y. Learning from Art

2011.05.23. 07:00 | Emese Süvecz

exhibition publication (exhibition series) academy

IMAGESAcademy is an initiative of Siemens Arts Program in cooperation with the Department of Visual Cultures at Goldsmiths College in London, Museum van Hedendaagse Kunst Antwerpen, and Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven. Curators Bart de Baere and Dieter Roelstrate (Museum van Hedendaagse Kunst…

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A.C.A.D.E.M.Y. at the Van Abbemuseum / I Like That

2011.05.23. 00:38 | Emese Süvecz

exhibition collaboration (exhibition series) academy academy at the van abbemuseum (exhibition) education in the art museum

I Like That - Rob Stone and Jean-Paul Martinon ...And there were other questions about the museum’s knowledge vs. our own knowledge, and about open forums for learning at the edges of that which is acknowledged, as in I Like That (Rob Stone and Jean-Paul Martinon).... Irit Rogoff: Turning…

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A.C.A.D.E.M.Y. at the Van Abbemuseum / Sounding Difference

2011.05.22. 23:16 | Emese Süvecz

exhibition installation film project (exhibition series) academy academy at the van abbemuseum (exhibition)

Sounding Difference - The Gate Collection by Irit Rogoff and Deepa Naik ...There were questions regarding cultural difference that asked whether a museum really is an institution of representation, meant to represent those outside its systems and privileged audiences. If it is not, then maybe…

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A.C.A.D.E.M.Y. at the Van Abbemuseum / Imaginary Property

2011.05.22. 21:05 | Emese Süvecz

exhibition (exhibition series) academy academy at the van abbemuseum (exhibition)

Imaginary Property by Florian Schneider and Multitude e.V. Jan Gerber, Susanne Lang, Sebastian Lütgert and Florian Schneider in collaboration with Willem Jan Renders ....There were questions regarding the very nature of ownership of an image or an idea. How does a simple object come to stand in…

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A.C.A.D.E.M.Y. at the Van Abbemuseum / Think Tank Strategies

2011.05.22. 10:04 | Emese Süvecz

exhibition installation (exhibition series) academy academy at the van abbemuseum (exhibition)

The Conspired World –Think Tank Strategies by John Palmesino, Anselm Franke, Eyal Weizmann, Research Architecture Centre, Goldsmiths College, London Edgar Schmitz and Liam Gillick ...There were questions regarding the relations between expertise and hope and expertise and governance,…

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A.C.A.D.E.M.Y. at the Van Abbemuseum / Ambulator Project

2011.05.22. 08:32 | Emese Süvecz

politics project exhibition (exhibition series) academy academy at the van abbemuseum (exhibition)

Ambulator Project by Susan Kelly, Janna Graham, Valeria Graziano ...There were questions regarding who produces questioning: What are legitimate questions, and under what conditions are they produced? The seminar class, the think tank, the government department, the statistician’s bureau are…

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